Bad breath stinks – literally! If you suffer from chronically bad breath, also known as halitosis, it can be a crippling problem. You don’t want to talk to people, you don’t want to smile – you don’t want to open your mouth at all. But there are some ways you can fight back against it. One of them is by using an appropriate mouthwash. Not sure where to start? That’s why we’re here! Here’s a look at some of the best mouth washes for bad breath:

Listerine Antiseptic

Just about everybody knows Listerine. It’s been one of the most popular mouth washes around for years, and for good reason – the stuff works! It’s an alcohol-based product that uses a combination of ingredients to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath, including like menthol and eucalyptus. Each of them has antibacterial properties, so they’re a safe bet for getting your mouth clean and your breath fresh. The only downside to Listerine can be the taste. It’s incredibly strong and burns, but hey, that just lets you know it’s working!


Scope is another famous name that’s been around for a long time, almost 50 years to be exact. It relies on antiseptic ingredients like cetylpyridinium chloride to eradicate bacteria in the mouth, leaving your breath fresh and clean. For severe cases of halitosis, Scope almost makes a Dual Blast mouth wash, which is designed to totally wipe out strong odors from the mouth and throat. If you find the strong taste of Listerine to be a bit much for you, Scope is a wise choice. They’re similar in terms of how they get the job done, but with Scope you don’t have to actually taste how hard it works.


CloSys is a relatively new entry in the mouth wash market, but still a proven and effective product. It relies on Cloralstan, a patented form of chlorine dioxide that can destroy 99.9% of bacteria in the mouth in just 10 seconds. It’s alcohol-free, so there’s no intense burn when you take it in. Using it can keep bad breath at bay for up to 8 hours, so it’s a good choice in the morning before you head out for work.

Smart Mouth

Another alcohol-free option, the cleverly named Smart Mouth delivers 12 hours of fresh breath with each rinse, making it one of the longest lasting products on the market. It’s a pretty unique system, in that you have to mix two solutions together to make the mouth wash. Long story short, it’s a combo of an odor eliminator and zinc that completely eliminates the stench of bad breath. The solutions have to be mixed immediately before using them due to their sensitivity, but taking an extra 10 seconds to mix two solutions is a small price to pay for 12 full hours of pleasant smelling breath!

When it comes to the best mouth wash for bad breath, it’s hard to pick just one. There are many good ones out there, and the above four are our personal favorites. Each one has its own strengths so be sure you check them all out before you rush to the store to buy some!

Finally, remember that proper daily oral hygiene is another key component for fresh breath. Brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, rinse with mouthwash once a day, and you’ll be able to prevent bad breath from ever popping up in the first place!

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