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The removal of wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, is one of the most common procedures performed in modern dentistry. Since we no longer need these sets of teeth (they were originally used in the caveman days when it was a lot harder to chew stuff up), it’s customary to have them removed when they come in. Plus they can cause pain when they arrive, and nobody wants to deal with that!

While about 30% of people never get wisdom teeth, most of us will at some point in our life. One of the most common questions we get above wisdom teeth removal is the cost, so that’s what today’s blog post is all about – just how much does getting your wisdom teeth removed cost? Like many dental procedures, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it could be anywhere from $100 to $500 a tooth – but we can help you get a pretty good idea of it.

  • Experience of Surgeon – This is one of those areas where you tend to get what you pay for. If you go to an experienced dentist who’s been doing wisdom teeth removals for many years, it’s probably going to cost more than if you use one who’s only been in practice for a few years. Likewise, using a dentist who specializes only is wisdom teeth will usually cost more than going to a general practitioner.
  • Difficulty of Surgery – If you’ve got wisdom teeth that came in normally then this shouldn’t really be an issue. But if your teeth come in a little funky or they’re impacted or have some other sort of problem, it could raise the cost of your surgery. The specific actions to get the wisdom teeth removed and the total length of time of the surgery will also factor in here.
  • Miscellaneous Costs – Other things besides the surgery itself can make the costs of wisdom teeth removal add up. Things like x-rays, initial consultations, medications, and post-op follow-ups can total a couple hundred dollars, so it’s important to know all what will be included before you choose a dentist and go ahead with a procedure.

One of the main factors that’s going to determine how much you pay for wisdom tooth extraction is whether or not you have dental insurance that covers it.

  • With Insurance – The cost of wisdom teeth removal with dental insurance will vary depending on the exact type of coverage you have, but it’s always going to be considerably cheaper than getting it without insurance. The procedure typically isn’t fully covered on most plans, but you can usually get reimbursement ranging from 15% to 50% of the total cost, and even upwards of 70% in some cases. When you’re looking at a bill that could be over $1,000, even as little as 15% can be a big help.
  • Without Insurance – Without any type of dental insurance plan, the cost of wisdom teeth removal becomes much higher. When you figure anywhere from $100 to $400 per tooth for removal, plus general costs for x-rays, anesthesia, and standard recovery procedures, the cost can easily reach $1,500 or higher. This is why it’s a good idea to get some type of dental insurance, even if it’s not the best plan out there, so you can get at least part of the costs covered.

As you can see, the cost of wisdom teeth removal is dependent on many factors. But as a general rule, you can plan on spending at least $500 to $750, and even more if you don’t have dental insurance. But when it comes down to it, the health of your mouth is more important than any amount of money. Wisdom teeth left untouched can cause problems with other teeth, disrupt previous orthodontic work, and lead to jaw issue, so it’s important to get them taken care of when they come in.

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